Tuesday, March 1, 2011

3 Bedroom Family Starter CC free (except for some patterns)

Okay so I've been gutting Sunset Valley, I've deleted all the EA families and houses. I've been replacing the houses with lots I've downloaded, but well I couldn't really find enough CC free ones that I really liked or served the purpose I needed them for. So alas I have to build a few of my own, and that brings me to this.

There is nothing really truly special about this lot. It's just a simple 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom starter house for a family of 5 and the price comes in at just under $16.5k so it's cheap enough for a single sim straight out of CAS to afford, yay!! :) I've built this lot at 72 Water Lily Lane in Sunset Valley (2x3).

Lot Size 30x20

The only CC used in this lot are a few patterns and by few I mean 4
its plushie carpet here
apples here
diagonal and octagonal here
tile from bathroom...idk?

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