Sunday, March 6, 2011

Who says computer nerds aren't hot?

Meet Kellie Harrison, she is both beautiful and smart! I made her to help fill the newly gutted Sunset Valley in my game. She kinda happened on accident, but I do like the result!

Traits                                        Favorites                   LTW
genius                                       electronica                renaissance sim
commitment issues                     red
computer whiz                            hot dogs
great kisser

*Non CC version coming in the next few days

CC Credits
hair by Lotus
blush by Candy Lover
eyeshadow by LadyFrontbum
lipstick by Shyne
eyebrows by daluved1
default replacement skin by LadyFrontbum
default replacement eyes by escand
everyday clothes by Liana
sleepwear top by Candy Lover
athletic by hasel
swimwear by ekinege


Shyne said...

Hey! Haven't checked out your blog in a while!
What's your email, Liz? I need your help on something.
Also, this Sim looks wicked. Total attitude :D

Liz said...

I sent you message with my email. And I really loved this sim, but she was apparently too much of a nerd, and she got made the leader of town nerd in my game..and its dangerous when a sim is given a town personality, life expectancy is drastically put in danger. and she died :( I had to go in and lower the death chance because I had over 5 sims die in a week, in a game that is brand new and has a population of maybe 20. Oh well, your Abigail is in my game and story progression married her to the hottest man in town so they have had several beautiful babies. So I think things are looking up :D

Jaedub said...

hey liz,I noticed you left a comment on my blog regarding a skin I used for one of my sims,Sayuri.the skin I used was a non-default skin by lemonleaf.I wasnt sure were else to post this note,as the one you left on my blog disappeared :)

Ikari Sims said...

She's beautiful!♥