Saturday, June 4, 2011

Riverview Behavioral Health Center

Okay, so I decided to upload my asylum, just incase anyone wants it.

I built this on a 3x4 lot in Riverview, near all the trailers.
Lot Price is $53,405 unfurnished/$68,454 furnished.

CC Credits
ceiling light by LilyOfTheValley


Anonymous said...

Great lot.. Very creative..! :D

Kinga said...


I am writing to you because I saw on mysims3blog that you downloaded the Bluebird Newsea Danzxncrd model. I wasn't in time and don't have any possibilities to download it now.

I have been looking for her for months, and I am pleading to you: could you email me the sim?

I absolutely adore her.

Thank you if you do this, I will be eternally grateful!!

Best regards


Liz said...

I'm sorry I don't still have that sim installed in my game. sorry :(