Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Five More Lunatics

Yesssss!!!!! I finished the rest of my asylum patients a lot sooner than I thought I would. It only took staying up til 4 am last night. I really really like the girls I made, granted they are a bit prettier than I originally intended but oh well :)

So all the patients are insane and absent-minded, duh! But Cady's additional traits are flirty, commitment issues, and party animal. Camryn's additional traits are slob, couch potato, and grumpy. 

Pete is my sociopath clown psycho killer. His additional traits are evil, mean-spirited and genius. Blake is my OCD neat freak, his traits are neat, perfectionist, and athletic because he is hot :) Poor pitiful Norman he got the ultimate short end of the stick if you ask me with such horrible traits as coward, neurotic, and loner.

I have to get their CC lists compiled and then I hope to get them all uploaded including the asylum by the weekend. Hopefully this will keep me occupied until all my crucial must-have mods are updated for Generations, then I will get the ep.


Anonymous said...

Camryn looks awesome.. Great job..! :D

Liz said...

ty! I love Camryn so much. I hated to give her all those traits, but she was the last one I made and I needed a slob :/

Jaedub said...

Wow,this is a really cool idea!Sims look good too XD

Natalia said...

Uber cute! ♥
I can't believe I haven't snatched up any of your adorable simmies yet!

/proceeds to do so/