Thursday, June 9, 2011

Camryn Watts

          So I've finally stopped the procrastinating and am uploading some more sims. I decided I'd start with Camryn cause I love her. I modified her traits to what her real personality should be like.

Traits                                  Favorites             LTW
clumsy                                 pancakes            fashion phenomenon
dramatic                              pop
friendly                                turquoise
hopeless romantic

 Download w/ CC                                     Download no CC 
CC List       
eyebrows-? it's increasingly harder to tell which eyebrow is from where sorry 
everyday top and formal dress- Candy Lover
sleepwear-lili poppy
athletic- AAS

poses used by traelia you should like her on facebook here and tumtum simiolino


Lotus said...

She's a doll, thank you for sharing! <3

Anonymous said...

She's very beautiful and doesn't look so unrealistic like most of the sims, which have tiny noses etc.
But do I need any expansion packs for it to work? I don't have any, and most of the time I can't even install sims or they crash my game :(

Liz said...

Well her skirt came with late night, I don't think that will cause her to crash your game though. Try the noCC version and let me know if she crashes your game. If she does I will repack her for you with only base game clothes. :)

Shyne said...

Check this out:

Thought I'd Shyne-a-fie her lol

zarmor said...

She looks really beautiful and realistic. Thanks for sharing.

However the eye link doesn't work ( for me at least ) when I try to DL the provided file.

This is come with the sim w CC ?


Liz said...

@Shyne, wow she looks great. And it's amazing how changing a few little things about her totally change the way I perceive her genetic make-up.

@zarmor- weird that the file does not work for you. I clicked the link and it worked for me. I will upload it to 4shared as well and see if that works better for you. Now it's not contacts or anything it's a default replacement so you don't have to have it, if you are already in love with some different defaults.

Liz said...

and on a different note she's been dowloaded over 57 times so far. Just since she got featured yesterday!!! That just really makes my day :)

Jaedub said...

She is so super cute XD! I love her,looks very innocent :)

Shyne said...

She looks great because you made a great Sim ;)

Liz said...

Thank you everyone for all the kind comments. I wanted to make a sim that shared some of the features like me. mixed race with freckles and light colored eyes. I can't believe she's been so well received. over 70 downloads!! :)

Acornicus said...

Adorable sim hun. Thanks a lot. :)

Coyadre said...

She's beautiful :D

Anonymous said...