Saturday, May 28, 2011

Crazy Train!

So I decided that it might be fun to do the asylum challenge, since I've become bored with playing legacies. I've actually started falling asleep within less than an hour of playing sims, oh noes! So yeah time for something a little different. So far I've built the asylum, still working on the name bit. Oh, and I've made 3 sims, my controllable sim and 2 of the 7 other patients, ugh :/

 very unassuming from the outside, afterall even a shoddily run place needs to keep up appearances. wouldn't want social services checking in :)

 everything beyond the front lobby is rather well disrepair. afterall nobody really wants to look too closely or go deep inside somewhere full of crazies and psychos, now do they? so no need to keep up appearances there :p

Annie is my controllable sim, and Felix and Tisha are some patients :)

Annie's traits-insane, loser, over-emotional, frugal, and clumsy. She rolled the jack of all trades LTW.

Felix is insane, absent-minded, childish, inappropriate, and unflirty. He dreams of becoming an astronaut, which ofcourse ain't ever gonna happen because he has been shoved off by his family into this hell hole because they didn't want to deal with his developmental disabilities.

And then there is Tisha! She is insane, absent-minded, hot-headed, snob, and a mooch. She dreams of swimming in cash. I have a feeling she is going to be really fun to watch

Insane, and absent-minded were mandatory traits for the patients, hate the outdoors was supposed to be too, but I think that is a waste of a trait spot, when I've never had a sim in my active household just wander off the lot. So yeah I am not worried about it. Hopefully gonna get the rest of the patients finished up soon. I want to have one super neat OCD patient, a sociopath, a nymphomanic, and maybe someone who is delusional but I don't know what traits to pick for that lol

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Faith said...

For someone delusional, I'd go with snob + dramatic + no sense of humor ("why are you saying that? Do you mean something by it? Are you trying to make a point?").

I know someone with actual delusions, that is how she acts. +Insane for some nifty hallucinations, ofc, and you've got yourself some schizophrenia. ;)